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Deal Me Out

“They got so many names for it these days, brown, hash, weed, draw, pills, snow, Charlie, coke, smiley’s... the list is endless.
What’s it all about? Stuffed if I know! I should keep up with it all really, I mean it is my livelihood.
My name is...well let's just say they call me Gramps, not because of my age, I mean I'm only 42! Some yokel from the village called me it one night and it just kind of stuck. All the stone and pill heads call me that now, to be honest it suits me, no comebacks that way.
It's all changed from when I was a kid. Christ, hark at me? I sound like my dad! What I mean is, tastes have changed. Kids these days wouldn't know a good time if it stood up and kicked them up the arse. It used to be a few beers, out to a club, a few more beers, pull a bird on the dance floor and if you were lucky, a snog and a knee trembler around the back of the nearest factory.
It's all got out of hand today though, all kids wanna do is get as far away from it all as possible, lying in a heap, shaking with dehydration in a sweaty mess in the corner of a rave club, hoping someone will find them and drown them in a couple of litres of water, before kidney failure takes over.
Some of my clients and yes, I call them clients, they deserve that modicum of respect as long as they pay the cash. I don't really care what state they get themselves into, I mean everybody is responsible for their own actions, don't you think?. If they wanna go out and kill themselves, who am I to say no, not that I wish for that of course. It's business, I can't afford to lose good clients, I've got bills to pay.
Anyway, back to some of my clients not naming anyone, so let's just call her Jane B, 22, good job, good looking too, I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Well that is if I mixed business with pleasure, which I don't! She buys copious amounts of all-sorts off of me, again, up to her. I'm not twisting her arm, but in a conversation once she told me, it's never enough.
She's moved on to Ketamine, horse tranquillisers, now what the fuck is that all about? That can't be good but at the end of the day, I'm no psychologist or doctor for that matter, as long as she pays me, I am not judgemental.
Never bothered with it myself, always scared me to fucking death, chemicals racing through your bloodstream. Smoking fags is bad enough, that’s what I do and sometimes I hate myself for that! Oh! And beer of course, yeah love a pint, screw all that drug stuff, I'm high on life!”

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  1. Awesome, I am addicted already....and not to the drugs! Lol