No Write To Die



Karen Lucas pulled the door of the beauty salon behind her and turned the key in the lock.

A gentle breeze swirled around her pretty face and neck and she breathed in a deep breath of fresh sea air. She walked to the end of the street passing the row of neat little shops one by one, stopping by the kerb she momentarily glanced down at the blond child waiting with her mother by the side of the road.

“Oh Bonnie darling we forgot mummies tissues” said the woman as she guided the child away from the roadside and through the door of the tiny little newsagents.

As Karen stepped forward off the kerb, the force of the black B.M.W propelled her high into the air as it hit her head on skidding to a halt. She crashed down with a sickening thud on to the cars bonnet and rolled off on to the hard gravelled road. Her head smashed down onto the kerb stone leaving a widening puddle of thick red blood. She coughed and for a split second managed to lift her head, but her last sight of life was the bumper of the car as it rammed into the side of her face, before screeching away into the darkening distance.

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  1. Good luck with your blog. I too like to write about live and livin' but in the form of short blogs. Raised six kids with the youngest being 21. They've given much material to write about. Again...good luck.
    Bill Peak